Thursday, February 02, 2006


Wanted: 'Obscure' 1889 Paper on Trilobite Eyes & The Fibonacci Series

Can anyone help me find the 'obscure' paper by JM Clarke that Niles Eldredge refers to on page 64 of "Time Frames"? A scan of the page is available here:

In fact I would be grateful for any information regarding the appearance of the fibonacci series in the lens arrangement of trilobite eyes!

If you know the citation (or better still, have a copy) then please email me or post here.

NB This isn't the paper I'm looking for:

CLARKE, J. M. 1889. The structure and development of the visual area in the trilobite Phacops rana Green. Journal of Morphology, 2:253270.)

Finally, I emailed Niles Eldredge and he said "I've lost touch with it [the paper]--journal such as American Naturalist..". I don't have a subsciption to Jstor but someone did a search of American Naturalist on my behalf but couldn't find anything ('sigh').


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