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Preliminary Discourse

Considerations of the Natural History of Animals, Their Characteristics, Their Interrelationships, Their Organic Structure, Their Distribution, Their Classification and Their Species

Chapter One
On the Role of Art in the Productions of Nature

Chapter Two
The Importance of Considering Affinities

Chapter Three
Concerning Speciation in Living Things and The Idea We Should Attach to This Word

Chapter Four
General Observations on Animals

Chapter Five
On the Present State of the Distribution and Classification of Animals

Chapter Six
The Degradation and Simplification in Organic Structure from One Extreme to the Other of the Chain of Animal Life, from the Most Complex to the Simplest

Chapter Seven
Concerning the Influence of Circumstances on the Actions and Habits of Animals, and the Influence of the Actions and Habits of these Living Bodies As Causes Which Modify Their Organic Structure and Their Parts

Chapter Eight
Concerning the Natural Order of Animals and the Arrangement Which Must Have Led to Their General Distribution to Make it Conform to the Very Order of Nature

[Lamarckian, Zoological Philosophy]

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