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A Model of an Internal Evolutionary Mechanism

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The above link will take you to my main website where you'll find articles on Psychology, Social Psychology, various evolutionary topics, archives (such as Lamark's "Zoological Philosophy") and sundry other stuff.

If you want to go directly to the "Model of an Internal Evolutionary Mechanism (based on an extension to homeostasis) linking Adaptive Mutations to the Baldwin Effect" page then click here.

The model is derived from 'anomalies' found below the level at which psychological trauma occurs: this is different to the popular conception of trauma - see Trauma: A Simple Internal Model

It has been several years since the pages were published on the web and it wasn't until about 6 weeks ago that I suddenly found I now have time to take up the reins again! At the moment, I'm busily researching a rewrite of the proposal (although the core concept will obviously be unchanged) and I thought that creating a blog would make the process more enjoyable - providing anyone reads it of course... :)

In addition to occasional personal posts this blog also contains auto-added entries (all with 'evomech' in the title) from the Evolution: Where Darwin meets Lamarck? discussion forum.

Don't be deterred if the papers from the forum look too technical (a lot of them make my eyes boggle), there's plenty of other stuff in the message archives - just pick and choose the bits you like!

Researching the possibility of an internal mechanism - particularly when its non-intellect based and therefore testable - necessarily raises the question "If an internal mechanism exists, then why hasn't it been found before?".

The subjective answer is because of 'cultural conditioning'. Consequently, the posts I make to evomech are a combination of topics containing the 'homeostatic signature' that I'm looking for and those in which the exploration of natural realities appears to be in conflict with cultural conditioning - to illustrate the basic problem see An Error In Associating Lamarck With 'Adaptive Mutations'?

Any feedback would be welcome, you can add a blog comment to this post, visit the main web site's Guestbook, or email direct

I'm out of time for now but one final (deletes "plea for help") point: As an independent researcher my resources are very limited and I often have difficulty in obtaining papers (for example, see Wanted: 'Obscure' 1889 Paper on Trilobite Eyes & The Fibonacci Series) - if you can help then please do!

John Latter

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